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*O. Varchenko, I. Svynous, D. Krisanov, I. Artimonova, O. Gavryk


This article gives the first summary of peculiarities of agro-food chains formation in Ukraine and their typing according different classification characteristics. The study systemizes distinctive features of agro-food chains functioning from agro-holding to small producers and across some products. The quiz of agro-food chains actors, namely in agriculture and processing industry allowed to define the binding factors of their development and to justify measures for their overcoming. It is proved that a low level of management systems at agricultural and processing enterprises is one of binding factors for agro-food chains sustainability in Ukraine. Though it requires the activation of measures aimed to Implementation of European standards at all administrative levels. The driving forces for agro-food chains sustainability are discovered as well, they are fair distribution of added value, implementation of innovations, reducing of negative impact on the environment etc. On the base of this analysis a set of recommendations destined to favor the sustainability of agro-food chains was developed. They can help the government to develop strategic programs of agrarian sector development and also they can help chains actors.

Keywords: agricultural and food processing enterprises, agro-food chains, sustainable development, value added chains

Volume: 8 | Issue: 1

Pages: 160-172

Paper ID : 1-14

Issue Date: june , 2018

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